Simple fundraising programs – a great way to raise money.

What makes Neufeld Farms Fundraising so great? Everything!!! We start by providing you with top quality food products that people actually want, need and love. We give your customers value and quality with a quick turn around time, while making you money! And at Neufeld Farms… we deliver!

How does it work?

Neufeld Farms has been Fundraising for 19 years and we’re confident that our program will work for you! Our fundraising coordinator will help you choose a program that works for your group. After picking the date, time and place for your delivery, she will prepare personalized order forms to hand out to your sellers. Just set your fundraising goals and let the products sell themselves! Collect the money from your sales and let our tally sheets reveal your profit! Our friendly staff will make your product delivery a breeze!


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Set goals and make money! Your profit will vary with each fundraiser you use. There is no tax on fundraiser orders. Your invoice amount will leave the profit in your hands, not ours!

PLEASE NOTE: 12″ Pizza and Pizza/Calzone Fundraisers are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

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