Free run and hormone free chicken products!

We provide top quality products at wholesale prices, so that your group can make money and feel good about selling a product that their friends or family can use. In fact, we have found that many groups use our products to sell on an on going basis as their customers wait for the next sale. You will see that we have incorporated MORE than just poultry products on our fundraisers! We have a selection ranging from beef, seafood, pizzas as well as unbaked cookies. We will assist you in whatever way we can to make your sale a success! We will print up personalized order forms for you. We will deliver your products on your delivery date and make sure that you are comfortable distributing the products, or stay and distribute them ourselves.

Fundraising made easy

We can organize a Neufeld Farms Chicken and More Fundraiser for you and make your next fundraising experience a positive one. We will provide you with personalized order forms and make sure that your sale and delivery runs efficiently. Please ask about minimum orders for free delivery. Other benefits of our Chicken & More fundraiser include:

  • Our product is individually frozen for your serving and handling convenience.
  • Great Value. In other words you are selling top quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Your customers will want the product again.
  • You are selling a product that people need and use.
  • Great variety of products so that there is something for everyone’s taste (Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Appetizers, Pizza’s, and other yummy comfort foods).
  • You make $6 – $8.00 profit on every case.

Dessertco Fundraiser

Pizza Parlor Fundraiser


The Fundraising Office is open Mon-Fri 9:30am – 5:30pm.

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