Most of our items will include an ingredient list & cooking instructions on the box. Please see below for additional cooking instructions, ingredient lists, and nutritional information.


The list of items vary from season to season and will be updated as they become available.  Our four fundraiser seasons include Fall, Holiday, Winter, and BBQ menus. Many of the items stay the same from season to season, but we do make a few changes to reflect the season.  For more information on the approximate time frame of each season, please click here.

Nutritional and Ingredient Lists

Nutritional & Ingredients WINTER 2021

Nutritional & Ingredients BBQ 2020

Nutritional & Ingredients -Dessertco Pies & Cookies & Cheesecakes  

Cooking Instructions

Cooking & Grilling -Chicken Breasts & Chicken Satays

Cooking & Grilling -Steak & Steak Bites & Kabobs

Cooking & Grilling -Whole Chicken

Cooking & Grilling -Salmon

Cooking & Grilling -Crab Cakes

Cooking & Grilling -Whole Turkey

Cooking & Grilling -Calzones      

Our Fundraisers

Chicken & More Fundraiser

Dessertco Fundraiser


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