Summer time is Berry time!

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Our juicy sweet homegrown strawberries are a sign that summer has arrived! Our berries are handpicked daily for you to take home and enjoy!

We are excited to announce that we started picking our June Bearing Strawberries today and they are big and beautiful! We are only selling these by the basket now, but in a week we will be selling flats.  These berries are vine ripened which makes for very sweet and tasty berries that are red right through! They are full of flavor and are perfect for all of your favorite shortcake, pie and smoothie recipes! Their sugar content is highest mid-season, so that is the best time for making jams & jellies as well as freezing and canning! Just make sure you pick up enough to last through the winter!  Please keep in mind that we do not pick our strawberries in the rain and can’t guarantee how long the season will last. 

We are also currently picking our Everbearing Strawberries. These are firm berries that stand up very well in all of your favorite recipes.  If you are looking for a ‘picture perfect berry’, come out and try this variety!  Don’t wait too long, as this crop will only last another couple of days and won’t be picked again until September. 

Handle with Care

Strawberries are a delicate fruit that need to be handled with care.  In order to get the most out of your berries, just follow these few simple tips…

  • Eat your berries right away! Strawberries are the best eaten on the day they are picked. 
  • Not only are strawberries bursting with flavor, they are also very good for you! They are full of fibre, vitamin A and C. Strawberries are also fat free, low in sodium and nearly calorie free.
  • Do not wash before storing.
  • Prepare strawberries by rinsing with hulls attached, and pat dry with a paper towel, then hull and slice them. 
  • If you must pick your berries up ahead of time, store them in a colander in the fridge. This allows cold air to circulate around them. Strawberries taste best at room temperature; remove from the refrigerator approximately one hour before serving.

‘The taste of summer starts here’. . .stop by daily and enjoy the fruits of the season!!