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Dan and myself (Audrey) have been farming for 32 years. It started in 1966 when Dan’s parents, Dietrich and Martha Neufeld, took a risk and purchased 20 acres at 32267 King Rd in Abbotsford. They turned a dairy farm and rented acreage into a 45 acre raspberry farm, and Neufeld Farms was born. They later added u-pick cucumbers and sweet corn. Dan, their youngest of 6 children, was actively involved in the farming activities throughout his high school years. When asked if he wanted to take over the farming operation it was an opportunity that he was happy to accept.

We started off by selling our produce from under a tree on a picnic table in the back yard. The sign nailed on the tree said “HONK FOR SERVICE.” In 1980 we purchased 10 of mom and dad’s acres and we continued to work the farm while Dan continued to work off the farm as well. With the raspberry market being saturated, we purchased chicken quota and currently grow 55,000 chickens every 8 weeks. Over the years we diversified the field crops to include sweet corn, pickling cukes, pumpkins and strawberries. Then, seeing a need to get chicken from our family farm to your family table for more reasonable prices than what the supermarkets offered, we opened up our chicken shop in the one bay garage of our house. In 2001 we built our new building and have continued to move forward with additions and renovations.

And so Neufeld Farms, the Market Store and Berry Barn has been a progression that we’ve taken one step at a time. Dan’s Dad passed in 1991, but he left his love of the land and farming with us. His mom is currently living in Abbotsford.

Family Portrait

“Farming is a way of life. It’s a lot of hard work, but comes with many rewards as well. Thank you to our children for all of their help, support, hard work and willingness to be in this together with us. And to the community for supporting us… your local farmer.”

After the launch of this website our daughters gave us 3 more grandsons.  Samuel Wesly and Riley Daniel Dyck(twins) were born to Jess and Matt April 29th, 2012. Hudson Davis Neufeld was born May 18th 2012 to Justin and Jusi.

Now that you know the family, it’s time to take a tour of the Farm!