The Berry Barn

Welcome to the Berry Barn
Phone # 604-859-0484

We are farmers and grow your food.  We also support other local & Okanagan farmers and have many  local products in our market.

Come  in and see our tables full of fresh &  delicious fruits and vegetables.


Fresh Berries

Neufeld Farms home-grown berries are hand picked fresh daily and are handled with extreme care. Our fields are hand groomed and well manicured. Our blueberries are grown in nearby fields and are also carefully hand picked.

20200613_145605.jpg strawberry flat

Everyday Produce

We choose our fruits and vegetables carefully just like you do. In summertime, we pick the best of the season from other local farms whenever possible. Quality is very important to us and we continue to work hard so that  you don’t have to.


Farm Favourites

We’ve been farming for over 40 years and continue to produce top quality products that are carefully grown and handpicked just for you. We are proud to provide you and your family with fresh home grown crops directly from our farm to your table.


Okanagan Fruit

Our hand picked fresh Okanagan Fruit is delicious, sweet, juicy, and sun kissed! We stock only the best and healthiest fruit from the Okanagan Valley. Wake up your tastebuds and tickle your tummy with fresh handpicked fruit from our friends in the Okanagan!


Soft Ice Cream

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot summer day. Grab a treat and head outside to find a seat at a table, or sit out on the grass and stay a while. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the small pleasures in life. Our soft serve machine is running from now until early September!  Enjoy an ice cream cone, sundae, ice cream float, or one of our fresh fruit made-to-order milkshakes! What’s your favourite… vanilla, chocolate or twist?               

Harvest Schedule for BC

Strawberries – End of June to end of Sept.
Raspberries –  end of June to End of Sept.
Blueberries – June thru Sept.
Blackberries – July thru August
Corn – July thru mid Sept.
Pickling Cukes – July thru August

Apricots – July 20 to August 10
Cherries – July thru August
Peaches – July 25 to Sept. 1
Pears – August 15 to Sept. 30
Squash – August thru October
Pumpkins – end of Sept. thru October

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