Fundraising FAQ

Can I Order and Pay online?

We do not have our order forms online, but we are working closely with and Most online forums are compatible, so just ask your rep!

Can I Pay with a Credit Card?

We are unable to take credit card payments on fundraisers.  We will accept cash, a group cheque or bank draft on delivery day, or an etransfer prior to delivery.

Can I change my delivery location?

If you are booked and need to move your delivery location, please contact our office staff. We have multiple orders on each truck and we will need to make sure that there is enough time scheduled for us to get to your new location.

Can my customer pick up their order at Neufeld Farms?

Our fundraiser items must be picked up at the scheduled delivery place/time. If your customers don’t show up, their order will be left with you.  If they can’t pick up, please have them make arrangement with another family to pick up.  There are a few acceptations to the rule and also some factors that will help us make that decision as a very last resort.  Please contact our office for more info.

Can you drop off my entire order for me to sort and store?

Our fundraiser foods are all frozen. Dropping these off for you to sort and store will break the cold cycle.  This means that the product will start to thaw, and we can run into health issues. It is VERY important that the items all stay on our truck and we distribute it as families arrive.

Can I stagger my group to pick up their orders?

Our trucks are booked with up to four groups per delivery day. Staggering your customers could put our truck behind for the deliveries after yours.  If you need more information on this, please talk to our office staff.

Can I bring bags and coolers to the delivery?

All of our fundraiser items come neatly packaged in boxes.  Even the cookie dough comes in a flat tray like a pizza box to make it easy to stack! Because of the case sizes of our items, you will not have room in bags or coolers. You will be able to stack them into the vehicles.

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