Fundraising FAQ

Can I Order and Pay online?

Our fundraiser is now exclusively online! Your customers can now order and pay online.  They will no longer need paper forms.  You will share a link for your personalized fundraiser with family and friends. We will also provide a poster with a QR code to put on your bulletin board or newsletter. Would you like to advertise on your social media pages? We will give you a link for that as well!

Can I Pay with a Credit Card?

You will be able to customize your fundraiser with one or more payment methods.  Choose from etransfer, credit card, cash, or cheque. The benefit of choosing credit card as a payment method is that you won’t have to collect payments! For more details, please ask. There are no longer credit card fees on our fundraiser!

Can my customer pick up their order at Neufeld Farms?

All orders must be picked up at the time and location scheduled. Remaining orders will not come back on the truck.  If an order is not picked up, it will stay with the coordinator.  If an order cannot be picked up as planned, we will ask the customer to make arrangements with friends, family, or the coordinator to hold the items for them. 

Can you drop off my entire order for me to sort and store?

Our fundraiser items are all frozen. Dropping these items off for you to handle will break the cold cycle and put the product at risk for thawing. This can ultimately lead to health issues.  We also do the work for you to minimize mistakes.  We want this to be a smooth process for you!

Can I stagger my group to pick up their orders?

Our trucks are booked with up to 4 groups per delivery day. Staggering your customers could put our truck behind for the deliveries after yours.  If you need more information, please speak with our office staff.  We will work with you to achieve the best timing for your group. 

How long will it take to distribute?

An average $3000 delivery will take about 20 minutes if all of your customers are on time.  A $10,000 order will take about an hour.  You will find that we have a very efficient system in place as we have been doing this for many years!  If you are a new coordinator, my driver will walk through the details with you before you get started.  He will do the work, all you need to do is make sure your customers are on time, and that you are ready to read orders to my driver!

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