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Sweets, Treats & other Baked Goods!

All of our Unbaked Cookies are carefully made with the same traditional ingredients that you found in grandma’s kitchen. Our flavors will bring you right back to the time when grandma took those cookies out of the oven and served them to you still warm, with a glass of fresh milk. Available in  gourmet varieties,  each tray holds 49/1 oz. pucks all ready for the oven. Your profit is $3.00 per tray. 

Nothing says homemade like the smell of and taste of freshly baked pies. Our unbaked frozen pies are stuffed with fresh fruit filling and sealed with a delicious flakey crust.  Or also enjoy our 7 inch fruit turnovers. (these are baked) Your profit is $3.00 per pie. 

We are now offering  something sweet for our GLUTEN FREE customers as well! Enjoy some yummy Wendel’s Certified Gluten Free (& Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as well as the Wendel’s Certified Gluten Free Baked Apple Pie.

 Our creamy cheesecakes start with a crumb crust and are filled with real Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese and top quality ingredients! They are then baked into a smooth and delicious cheesecake that you will be proud to serve! Packaged securely so that they make it from our truck to your freezer without any problems.  I will never bake cheesecake again!  Your profit on these items is $3.00 each.

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