Chicken & More

 Fraser Valley Chicken and MORE!!

Our chickens run freely in our barns and are fed a diet of Canadian grains. Great care is given to ensure our chickens are comfortable and have easy access to feed and water. Like all chicken farmers in Canada, we don’t use hormones. Our boneless skinless chicken breasts are our best selling item, as they are very versatile and a low fat protein. We have incorporated MORE than just poultry products on our fundraisers! We have a selection ranging from beef,  seafood, appetizers and ready to go meals. Our beef is Canadian Grade AA – AAA and is grass fed and grain finished. Our lean ground beef is also a top seller. All of  our Seafood is from Sustainable Ocean Wise Fisheries.  Whether you choose back to basics, or oven ready entrees, our wholesome products, are top quality and affordable,  even with your profit added on.

Fundraising made easy

We can organize a Neufeld Farms Chicken and More Fundraiser for you and make your next fundraising experience a positive one. We will provide you with personalized order forms and make sure that your sale and delivery runs efficiently. Please ask about minimum orders for free delivery. Other benefits of our Chicken & More fundraiser include:

  • Our product is individually frozen for your serving and handling convenience.
  • Great Value. In other words you are selling top quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Your customers will want the product again.
  • You are selling a product that people need and use.
  • Great variety of products so that there is something for everyone’s taste (Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Appetizers, Pizza’s, and other yummy comfort foods).
  • You make $6 – $8.00 profit on every case.


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