Market FAQ

Do you make all of your products here?

We are chicken farmers and grow chickens. They get processed by our local processors.  We then buy back chicken from our local processors in a variety of products. All of our chicken is from local growers from the Fraser Valley.

Do you only sell products by the case?

In our market we have all of our products available by the case or in convenient size re-sealable bags.

Do you have another market?

We are a family run farm and market located in Abbotsford B.C. This is currently our only location.

Do you deliver?

No we do not at this time, but we would love to see you make a trip to our market.

Is your chicken organic?

The chicken industry in B.C. has very high standards.  All chicken are raised using extreme care in health, diet and hygiene.

All of our chicken is free run and hormone free.  Although we do not carry organic chicken, we do carry a Heritage chicken.

Heritage Chicken is specialty grain fed, non medicated,  with no animal byproducts in their feed.

What do your chickens eat?

Our chickens eat a diet of grains(corn, wheat and barley) with some byproducts (soy and canola meal).

In smaller quantities, energy sources such as animal and vegetable fats and mineral and vegetable supplements are also added.

They are raised in barns that allow birds to roam freely at their comfort.

Can I bring my kids for a farm tour?

Although we can not allow you to roam the farm freely or enter out barns, we do have a nice grassy area for you to enjoy an icecream cone or your basket of berries together on the farm.

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