Okanagan Fruit

Fresh off the truck from the Okanagan Valley. They sure know how to grow their fruit!


The first of the Okanagan Fruit, crsip and juicy cherries fill our table early June thru July. What is it about cherries that is so addictive?


There is nothing juicier that a succulent peach. Available mid July thru August, in early varieties to freestone varieties. Case sales available for you avid canners.

Peaches are displayed for sale with summer fruits and vegetables at a farmers market in Falls Church, Va., Saturday, July 28, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Okanagan Apricots are generally available mid July to early August. A short season, so make sure to get some in your freezer for your apricot jam. As us for our yummy apricot upside down cake recipe!


Pears & Plums

Okanagan Pears and Plums are available mid August thru the middle of September. We also bring in nectarines, melons, apples and tomatoes from the Okanagan Valley when they are available.

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