About Us

Meet Our Growing Family

Our family is our life! We love to work together and we love to play together! Our kids are a huge part of what we do here on our farm!  

Pictured to the right is Dan with his first grandchild in 2010. Our family has since grown to 11 precious grandchildren.  Many of them with our same love of playing outside, working in the dirt and gathering as a family. They are all priceless, and we enjoy every moment we have with them whether we are here on the farm or out at the local fields watching their baseball games!   

Our children are all living in Abbotsford, and they all have a part to play, in the success of our business. Our oldest son Justin is a successful framing contractor. He is married to Jusi, and they have 3 active boys together.  Jusi is responsible for all of our social media posts, and has done a great job of showing our market to the community thru social marketing. Our daughter Jessica is married to Matthew Dyck. Together  they have 4 beautiful children. They own and operate  “Neufeld Farm Fresh” and have been making all of our pickled products. We love their pickles, and are excited that they have added jams from our farm fresh berries to their business. Our youngest son is Steve. He  and his wife Andrea also have 4 amazing children. He is actively involved in all of our daily business operations.  We are excited to work together with them here on the farm and in our market! We make a great team!


Our Growing Farm 

Farming the land is our passion!! From seeding to harvest there is much work, but much reward.  By implementing good agricultural practises, we are ensuring our land is sustainable for many more years of growing good food. Take a look at what we grow. 

Our Farm, Your Market

Dan’s love for growing chickens goes back many years.   But when you stop by at our Market Store, you will find that we are much more than chicken farmers.

Our market is open 6 days a week and we are honoured to support other local businesses by carrying their products in our store as well. And as always, if you’re looking for quality chicken products, all of ours are Free Run and Hormone Free!

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