Sweets & Treats

Cookies and Pies

One of our favorites at the market are our unbaked cookies and pies.  We have a large selection to choose from and they will not disappoint.  Just take them home and pop them in your oven from frozen. They are made from wholesome ingredients just like gramma used.  Nothing says homemade more than our fruit pies fresh form the oven.  And don’t forget to check out our creamy Cheesecakes made with real Philadelphia Cream Cheese. 

double chocolate chip stack 2

Bars and More

Feeling like something sweet?  We have a lot of options in our market when it comes to finding something to share, or just bring home for yourself.  Shop for breakfast, and pick up some muffins,  scones, and cinnamon buns. Or invite a friend for coffee and take home ready to eat tarts, tracycakes or oatmeal fudge bars.  Always a treat ready for you,  just ask if you need help finding them. 


Specialty Frozen Treats

Noras plant based, dairy free  icecream is made in Vancouver. Perfect if you are vegan,  made from cashews and available in a variety of flavours.  Another great choice is our Coconut Bliss which is also plant based and dairy free.  Or if you are looking for specialty sorbetto or gelato,  Marios will satisfy your craving.

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